Helen Gair


THANK YOU!!! I LOVE IT! I’m not sure why I was so scared, it’s such a beautiful photo and I can’t believe how painless it was. I think it may be the best photo I’ve had taken in years.



I had pictures taken before you friends learning photography but never by a professional. I choose to do this for two thing: a suffer from depression and I am on recovery from a very hard and dark year and needed a self-esteem boost and pictures to remind myself happiness. Second: I love the clothes and think Pin-up clothing are so feminine and beautiful. And needed an excuse to visit the Foxy Shoppe.

I was very shy at first not knowing what to expect but Monique and Dano put me right at ease. I had a phone conversation with Dano the night before about what to expect and what I needed. Dano knows the type of poses pinups do and they are authentic to my research on the Internet. The makeup and hair were done by Monique and she also helped me chose the outfit in the store and I felt gorgeous and like a powerful sexy woman. The poses were awkward first but more into the shoot I felt somewhat vain in a good way, having someone taking hundreds of pictures of you is like great for the ego and tag makeup, hair and clothes to do well I was a superstar!!!!


The whole evening was a great experience…the girls and I had some good laughs and we made some very memorable memories – a definite bonding experience!

I want to thank-you for your very professional manner and for helping me to feel secure with what I was doing. This experience was something new and totally ‘out-of-the-box’ for me – as I’m more of a no-frills, plain-jane, kinda gal. Your gentle guidance and approach made it easy to shed the old image I had of myself and to sport a new and more glamorous one (even if it was for one evening). Thank-you for helping me to see this different side of myself and for capturing it so beautifully on film. Without you – I wouldn’t have known that she was there!




Working with you was such a great experience, I would do it in a heart beat over and over again. On and off the set, you can see the passion for photography and the results clearly show! You made me comfortable and natural from the start, I didn’t want the shoot to end. Time went by so quickly, but this is what happens when you work with an experienced photographer who puts pride in his work. You just want me to look the best and feel gorgeous, which was definitely working, first word out of my mouth after seeing the photos from the shoot was “Stunning”!



Dano Tanaka is a great photographer. He is great with direction and is really laid back to work with. Anytime I needed anything fixed (strap, leg position etc.) he would ask before adjusting, which I really felt comfortable with. I thought I would be more nervous than I was but Dano made it so much fun! I hadn’t modelled in 3 years and I felt like I was with a friend I hadn’t met yet, and never stepped out of modelling! Thanks for the experience and the great shots Dano!

Samantha Layer


Working with Dano Tanaka was awesome! Had knew what he wanted while also being collaborative and incorporating my ideas as well. As a creative individual, I appreciate this a lot. He also made every shot count, not letting time get away from us. I started feeling a bit nervous, but became at ease very quickly into the shoot. He made me feel confident and even more so when I saw the photos, I’m SO happy with them.

As a model who isn’t into hair & makeup much off-set, I appreciated Monique as a stylist for the following reasons: she kept my makeup light and it was one of the very few times I didn’t feel like scrubbing my face off as soon as we were done shooting. Like Dano, she too, incorporated my ideas into the styling.

Had a great time and would do it again any time!



I was so excited for the opportunity to work with Monique and Dano. They make an awesome team and at the end of the day I was really happy with all the great photos we were able to create together.

Since makeup for photography can be exceptionally heavy, it always makes me nervous about what I’ll see in the mirror and how it will make me feel during the shoot.

Monique is not only quick at what she does, but made me feel just as beautiful during the shoot as I did looking at the pictures after. Her hair styling was also flawless and made the different colours I have swirl together gorgeously.

Dano is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very easy to get along with and while he gave me a full range of creativity in my posing, he wasn’t at all hesitant to direct me, which filled me with confidence about the results. He really knows what he’s doing in all the many aspects of a shoot, from communicating with the model, to lighting, to editing and all those other finer details.

The photos came out beautifully and I couldn’t possibly have asked for more. I can’t wait to work with them again.



I did my first session with Dano Tanaka in October, 2013 and I was very nervous going into it. He put me at ease and I immediately felt comfortable with him. Dano listened to my concerns and, although he asked me to pose in ways I would not normally have done, Dano made them feel natural. I have never had photos of this nature taken before and Dano brought out a confidence in me that I never knew I had. Dano Tanaka is genuinely a nice human being and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Cathleen H


One day I was wondering if I’d be able to get pin up inspired photos of myself and the wonderful Pamela, owner of The Foxy Shoppe introduced me to Dano Tanaka.

Dano is an outstanding and talented photographer. The whole experience was absolutely amazing. I was a little nervous at first since I had never done anything like this before but Dano made me feel comfortable and didn’t mind helping me with posing.

I should note, Monique Andrew styled my hair and make up for the shoot and I was so happy with the result. She is professional and outgoing and just nails the pin up look! It was also a bonus that Monique was there as she could adjust my hair or outfit during the entire shoot.

I highly recommend working with Dano and Monique. They make a great team and I’d do it again in a heart beat. As a matter of fact, I’m seriously thinking of making this an annual thing. I admit that by the time the photoshoot was coming to an end, I didn’t want to stop because of how much fun I had. I felt beautiful, confident and sexy. Which I believe every women deserves to feel everyday.

In addition, Dano is quite talented in editing the photos as well. I was so happy to receive the final prints.They turned out better than I could imagine.

Thank you Dano and Monique for capturing my vision and turning an ordinary lady like myself feel fabulous!

Selene O


I think doing a photo shoot for anyone can be an intimidating thing at times, or all the time. So having someone on the other side of the camera who understands the vulnerability, that position puts people-especially women is valuable to the finished product of the photo. If you feel unsure, nervous, or uncomfortable, what fun is that?I have done photo shoots here and there in my life, with people trying out photography, one professional photographer when I was about 16, and I find it can leave you feeling a little unsure..? I suppose there was too much –“come out and we’ll shoot, and let’s just see what happens”. For someone who is not a trained model, it leaves too much pressure on you to be posing and setting up a “scene”… if that makes sense.

To date I have shot twice with Dano Tanaka. Once for lines of clothing at a local shop in Winnipeg, the other for a personal project of his. The first time I shot with Dano I had met him about a week prior at the shop, and maybe exchanged 10 words with him, so I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect during the day of the shoot…Hair and makeup was lined up with a local salon close to the clothing shop, so I went for my appointment, he was very organized, and he came to the salon, stayed and chatted while I got ready. Gave me a rundown of what was going to happen, where we could go to shoot, gave me some options. I think knowing what was going to happen, the options, and having time to think about it also made me have a sense of control, and security.He walked with me to the shop and we looked at the garments and picked some out, the women in the Foxy Shoppe were also super supportive, helped with sizes and matching pieces. It really makes you feel that there is a team there to make you fabulous.

Dano the best senses of how to make your body shape, a total knock out on pictures He is technically educated to make the finished product look natural, and dynamic. My pictures from the first shoot were incredible. Each one (I thought) could have been in a magazine they were so beautiful.I have been in touch with Dano since then, and recently did another photo shoot with him for a personal project of his too. He is great to work with, creative, insightful, and most importantly wants you to be happy with his services. He is a professional that every woman would be happy to work with.

Kelly O


Dano Tanaka is a genius! I have worked with him as a stylist as well as been in front of the camera, he has an impeccable way of making you feel comfortable and confidant! Always professional, he has the eye for what catches the camera in the most magical way! Great work!



Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Not only did you demonstrate vision and talent at our shoot but patience and understanding when dealing with some of the obstacles that models face from time to time… You were fun and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. The photos were tasteful, strong and beautiful. You surpassed all expectations I had. Your work speaks for itself but your character and professionalism was something that can’t be argued…. Thank you for making me feel beautiful… I hope to work with you again really soon.