About Dano

Where to begin…I’ve had an interest in photography for over 20 years. Only when I took a graphic design program from the Edmonton Digital Arts College did my path to pinup/portrait/boudoir photography begin.

I had collected vintage pinup photos (mostly of Bettie Page), so in the graphic design program we were assigned to make a calendar…after realizing that I wasn’t going to re-invent the layout for a calendar I decided to make a modern pinup calendar of Masuimi Max (drawn in Illustrator CS5).


That was the beginning…I had specialized in photo-realistic vector work. Each piece might have taken hours and hours. Dealing with photographers proved to be difficult, so I decided to take my own. Eventually I was so busy with photography that I had the same satisfaction in on photo as I do with the long hour vector work. Not hard to see what won out.


What I didn’t realize was the effect these photos had on my clients. Ive received so much feedback on how these photos help remind female clients that they are “beautiful”. That these photos were helping them become stronger as individuals. It’s something that I firmly believe; that daily, tiny improvements, or movements towards a direction, add up immensely over time.


Based now in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I travel throughout Canada and the United States. I specialize in pinup, boudoir, portrait, and conceptual images of women. I look to provide the client with not only a beautiful photo, but something that positively reflects what their minds eye sees themselves as. In a society were people are more and more electronically connected, it seems we’re more personally disconnected, especially with ourselves. I strive to have the photo capture that inner essence (really I’ve always thought those were the best photos).

In Winnipeg I work Closely with The Foxy Shoppe, but I am always up for the possibility of a trip. No matter where you are, please feel free to contact me and let’s talk about your session.